About Whois.ma


WHOIS.MA is not an official WHOIS service
it's aimed to simulate a web whois service for .MA domain names, and sensibilize to the lack of a real WHOIS service for .MA domains.
This cannot be a replacement for an official WHOIS service witch need to implement the protocol described in RFC3912.(actualy, WHOIS.ma does implement RFC3912 protocol, you can try it ;))
WHOIS.MA tries to collect as much information as possible, but cannot garantee the accuracy, nor the presence of all data present in a standard WHOIS request.

How to query Whois.MA database


1 - If you just need domain information, use Whois.ma homepage and type the domain name you want to query
2 - if you want to automate quarying .Ma domain names you can use RFC3912 protocol by specifying whois.ma as a WHOIS server (see bellow)

Who is behind WHOIS.MA ?


WHOIS.MA is a volountary initiative from a Moroccan web entrepreneur who believe in web technologies and want to see more serious efforts from Moroccan governement to :
* Enhance new technologies access
* Encourage IT companies and startups
* Fill the gap between entrepreneurs and Investors to encourage innovation
if you share my vision, share whois.ma